Privacy Policy

We can understand that our customers are concerned and cautious about the usage of our services and sharing your personal details with us. Hence, we would like to assure you that we take your privacy concerns very seriously. We request you to read this entire page to know more about our terms and conditions to use our services and know how we utilize the information that you provide us. Whenever you use our services in any manner, we consider that you accept all our terms and conditions as mentioned here, and hence, by using our services you automatically give your consent to utilize your personal information as mentioned in this privacy policy.

Our Privacy Principle

Any type of information that we gather from you will be used only to improve our services. We only gather your personal information in order to identify you personally, so as to enhance our services and make them more convenient for you. We guarantee you a total transparency in our policies. This privacy policy does not provide you the safety of your information which is gathered by the companies which are not under our control or which are not managed or employed by us. We are very rigid against collecting your personal information through any registration process. Hence, we do not allow people below the age of 13 years to register or provide us any type of personal information like their address, email, name or phone number. In case we notice any personal information from someone who is below 13 years of age in our database, we instantly delete that data. If you feel that site may contain any kind of information which is related to children below 13, you may contact us anytime.

Information we collect

We usually gather the data about the content which you prefer the most. This information is used to enhance our services and to track how you use our services so that we may improve your browsing experience by making it more convenient for you. We may sometimes share the details with our employees without revealing your personal identify.

The information that we gather from you includes:

Your country code which allows us to gather information about your geographical domain which in turn enables us to serve you better by providing area specific music. Your device's Storage allowance, as our services may require it in order to analyze or store the downloaded data on your device. Despite taking all types of measures to secure your personal details, if any third party intrudes or tries to steal your details by any means, this privacy policy collapses. We will never disclose your personal information intentionally to any third party or the one who is not employed or managed by us. Thus, your details remain secured in our database.

Choose to disable your account

In case you do not wish to use our services anymore, you can anytime remove your account easily. You can do this by visiting your account settings. You can even request us to stop the usage of your personal information, in case you feel that we are using it an appropriate manner.

Changes made in our Privacy Policy

Usually, we keep making changes in our privacy policy. In this case, we will surely send you a notification through email and you will have to accept to follow the amendment in order to utilize our services.

Customer support

In case you have any privacy concern or any other related query, you may freely contact our customer service through our email id. We will surely help you resolve all your issues as soon as possible.